Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Transphobia At The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

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Love my sis Daroneshia Duncan, who as the founding executive director of the Birmingham based TAKE Resource Center,  has been doing some wonderful things getting the Birmingham and Alabama trans community the services they need and organizing them to own their power.

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This weekend they hosted in Birmingham their first ever Alabama Trans Persons of Color caucus, and after the two days of empowering seminars and events, they took the attendees to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute on Sunday for a tour. 

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Unfortunately Duncan posted an account of the visit on her Facebook page in which she stated that several of the attendees were constantly misgendered and harassed throughout their tour of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and a male employee took pics of them on his personal camera without their consent. 

When he was asked why, he tried to use his alleged status as a godchild of the late civil rights warrior Rosa Parks as a human shield for his problematic behavior.

Sinseriti Starr asked to see a BCRI manager to express her dissatisfaction with how their group was treated, and she and the TAKE group was approached by an all cis male security staff, disrespectfully told no manager was on duty and to immediately leave the Birmingham Civil  Rights Institute building.

And nope, Moni ain't happy hearing about that.

One thing they are going to learn at BCRI is to not piss off and disrespect my Magic City family

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It seems as though the BCRI has embedded transphobia in their midst they need to address with their staff.   When Duncan posted about their less than pleasant experience at the BCRI, another person responded that the same thing happend to a youth group she was chaperoning several years ago .

One thing they also need to learn is that Black trans people are Black people.   We didn't forfeit our Black Cards or Blackness when we transitioned, and that Civil Rights Movement history is history we are immensely proud of.

We are also perusing that history in order to replicate the success of the African American Civil Rights movement into the trans rights one.

Another lesson they will get taught and hopefully learn is that you will treat Black trans people with the same dignity and respect you would demand for yourself,

And you will learn that lesson starting today.

Monday, October 16, 2017

New 'Black Panther' Movie Trailer

I already have February 16 circled on my calendar.

So what's transpiring on that day?   In addition to it being in the middle of Black History month, it's the day the long awaited and highly anticipated Black Panther movie hit your local multiplex. 

The new trailer has just been released with a nod to Gil Scott Heron's classic song'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' playing in the background.

But don't take my word on how awesome this movie trailer and the movie is going to be, see for yourselves.


Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Happens To Trans People, Too

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I've been checking out the messages across social media in the #MeToo campaign in which people have been talking about their experiences with sexual assault and sexual harassment.

This campaign has revealed just how huge the problem is in the United States.  It shouldn't be a surprise when you have someone who admitted they did so on tape and he still becomes president.

Because as a media person I know there are times I need to keep stuff quiet until it's ready to be released, and my elder status in this community, I have had people come to me and tell me some of their most intimate secrets.

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Some of those intimate secrets have been sexual assaults and sexual harassment related . And yes, some of the people telling me about those incidents have been trans masculine and trans feminine people

So for those of you who believed Dan Patrick's and Lois Kolkhorst' lies in this recently concluded Texas legislative session, news flash for you, trans people are far more likely to be the people preyed upon.   Of the 1,490 Texas trans folks who responded to the 2015 US Trans Survey, 1% of them reported being sexually assaulted or physically attacked while in a restroom.

In other revealing information points from the 2015 US Trans Survey, nearly half of the respondents to it (47%) reported being sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime, and (10%) reported they had been sexually assaulted in the previous year (2014) .

Image result for Trans people sexual assaultThe trans respondents who have done sex work (72%) who were experiencing homelessness (65%) or who had disabilities (61%) were more likely to have experienced sexual assaults in their lifetime.

That's before I start talking about the far too numerous stories about my trans family who were sexually harassed or assaulted by law enforcement personnel, or while they were incarcerated in prisons or ICE facilities by guards and other inmates.

Image Channel 4 - Channel 4 Crocodile Dundee Trans Sexual assault for laughs http://forum.transgenderzone.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4130#p37768And yes, can't forget the Crocodile Dundee movie in which a trans woman was sexually assaulted when her crotch was grabbed in a NYC bar by Dundee and that scene was played for laughs.

Sexual assault isn't a joke, and I'm not laughing about it.   Because scenes like that can escalate quickly into anti-trans hate violence,  and murders

It is a serious issue that happens to far too many of our people, and even happened to yours truly on a METRO bus.

So yes, sexual assault and sexual assault happens to  trans people, too

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hertha Berlin Takes A Knee In Germany

Players of Berlin kneel down prior to the German Bundesliga soccer match between Hertha BSC Berlin and FC Schalke 04 in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Hertha Berlin nodded to social struggles in the United States by kneeling before its Bun
The NFL players taking a knee just got additional support from their fellow athletes across The Pond who play the other football.

The German soccer club Hertha Berlin took a knee yesterday before their Bundesliga match with Schalke which unfortunately for them was a 2-0 loss   The Hertha Berlin starters linked arms and took a knee on the pitch while their coach Pal Dardai, General Manager Michael Preetz and the rest of the Hertha team kneeled on the sidelines before kickoff in solidarity with NFL players.

"We wanted to take a stand against racism," said Hertha captain Per Skjelbred in an interview after their 2-0 loss

The symbolism of this 'take a knee' protest was magnified because Hertha Berlin plays its home games in the renovated Olympiastadion, which was built for the 1936 Olympic Games by Nazi Germany.

Germany in recent years post reunification has also had their problems with racism rearing its ugly head there as the country becomes more diverse.

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The Olympiastadion stadium announcer said to the more that 50,000 fans in attendance, "Hertha Berlin stands for diversity and against violence.  For this reason we are joining the protest by American athletes and setting a sign against discrimination."

Hertha Berlin also said in a statement on the team's Twitter account "Hertha BSC stands for tolerance and responsibility!  For a tolerant Berlin and an open minded world now and forever."

Hertha Berlin's players were unanimous in their support for yesterday's action and admitted they were inspired to do so by the NFL protests. 'We stand against racists and that's our way of sharing that  We are always going to fight against this kind of behavior as a team and as a city," said Hertha Berlin forward Salomon Kalou.

This is just another undeniable sign that the NFL players are on the right side of history.  The rest of the world is watching the unjust things you do, and are commenting on it.

And in some cases, thy are doing so by taking a knee.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

LZ Granderson's TEDx 'Gay Agenda' Talk

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I had the pleasure of meeting and having some insightful conversations with CNN and ESPN journalist LZ Granderson during the 2012 edition of NBJC's OUT on the Hill, and have mad love and respect for him.

This TED talk that he conducted May 2012 during TEDxGrandRapids is mocking the right wing talking point of "The Gay Agenda', and needs to be seen again.

So here is his TedX talk that was held in Grand Rapids, MI entitled 'The Myth of the Gay Agenda'

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks-Week 6

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Week 5 was very very good for me, and horrible for my fave NFL ballers. 

The Texans defense lost JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus to season ending injuries, and trailed the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs at halftime in this primetime NFL game 23-7 before making a game of it in the second half. and falling 42-35.

As for moi, I picked up two more games on Mr Watts in our season long NFL prognostication contest by going 9-5 to his break even 7-7 week.

That expanded my lead on him to 4 games in my quest to threepeat as NFL prognostication champion.   

It's time to keep the positive momentum going in Week 6.  Four more teams, the Bengals, Bills, Cowboys and Seahawks get to chill this Sunday and watch everyone else play during their bye week , so Mike and I only have 14 games to pick. Speaking of picks  Mike's picks are here.   

Team I'm selecting to win is in bold print with the home team in CAPS.

Week 5 Results                                                                          2017 NFL Season Standings
TransGriot   9-5                                                                          TransGriot     50-27
Mike            7-7                                                                          Mike              46-31

Thursday Night Game
PANTHERS over Eagles

Sunday Early Games 
TEXANS over Browns
RAVENS  over Bears
Packers over VIKINGS
Lions over SAINTS
FALCONS over Dolphins
Patriots over JETS
49ers over WASHINGTON

Sunday Afternoon Games
Buccaneers over CARDINALS
JAGUARS over Rams
CHIEFS over Steelers
RAIDERS over Chargers

Sunday Night Game

BRONCOS over Giants

Monday Night Game
TITANS over Colts

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

National Coming Out Day 2017

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Happy National Coming Out Day everyone.

Today's 2017 edition of National Coming Out Day is a bittersweet one because of the incompetent jerk in the White House.   The incompetent jerk has unfortunately surrounded himself with even more incompetent people who are hostile to my existence as an unapologetic Black trans person

Because that incompetent, unqualified  jerk got elected, we went from having an attorney general in Loretta Lynch who had our trans backs to one in Jeff Sessions  who wants to put a knife in those backs before shoving us back into the closet.

Nope, going to fight him, 45, the faith based haters, the TERF's and his reprehensible crew every step of the way.  I will outlast this latest round of GOP tyranny. 

And news flash for my Texas trans hatemongers Dan Patrick and Lois Kolkhorst, I'm not going back in the closet or using a men's bathroom.

You may be asking yourself  why come out during a time like this?  It's the same reason Sylvia and Marsha did so.  It's the same reason that Christine Jorgensen transitioned.  It's the same reason why other trans masculine and trans feminine people throughout our history have done so. 

It's the same reason why my people have fought for liberation against the anti-Blackness that has plagued us for over four centuries.

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Because in order to live your best life, you must come out to start the process of becoming your true self, living your best life and being unapologetic about it.

If you want that quality life, you have to fight for it.   Being trans (or bi, lesbian, gay...) is a revolutionary act.   It is also one that not only will free you to live your best life, but is one that will help you own your power as my NBJC sister in the struggle Sharon Lettman-Hicks loves to say.

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Us being unapologetic about who we are scares our loud and wrong opponents.  We are unapologetically walking in our truth that we are undeniably part of the diverse mosaic of human life on this planet,  while our opposition is hiding from theirs that they are angry human rights oppressors.

They also resent the fact that we are comfortable in our skins or are well along the path of becoming that way and want to throw obstacles in our way to make us as miserable as they are.

Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage and people standing
This is a journey that is not for the faint hearted or one to undertake if you aren't 100% certain you are ready to walk down this path.   Because to borrow a line from Star Wars, once you start down it, forever will it consume your destiny.   You need to be absolutely certain you are one of the letters in the TBLGQ  community before you take those first concrete actions to come out.  . 

And if you are, come out on your timetable.  Just because this is National Coming Out Day doesn't mean you need to do so today.

As for me, I was one of those people who didn't come out on National Coming Out Day.  It took me a while to get to the April 1994 point in my life that I finally did so, and haven't regretted it.  If I have regrets, it's basically not being able to start the process sooner as so many of our trans kids are able to do now.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smilingI have gotten to meet some amazing people along the way inside and outside the TBLGQ community.   Some are fellow activists, some aren't, but the are people who I have mad love and respect for.

I'm blessed to have a diverse sistah circle who have no problem checking me when necessary.  I'm blessed to have friendships that cross international borders. 

That probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't taken that first tentative step into Terminal C and went through that first nerve  wracking week as moi.

While my life has also been challenging at times, the wonderful experiences outweigh those times my my smooth ride down the highway of life hits a pothole.

Image result for Trinity Neal trans teen
As for our trans and SGL  kids, know you are loved, you matter to me and your trans elders, and we fight the powers that be so you'll hopefully have a better life than we did or won't have to make multiple trips to Austin to kill bad anti-human rights bills

Happy National Coming Out Day!    And happy first step to writing the next chapter in your amazing story.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

JT Brown Brings Racial Inequality Anthem Protests To NHL

There are only 30 Black players in the NHL despite many of the ways that the game is creatively played originated in the Black hockey leagues of Nova Scotia as the book Black Ice documents.

The NHL is overwhelmingly white (93%), and probably thought they were insulated from the controversy surrounding the anthem protests about police brutality and racial inequality aimed at Black citizens being conducted by NFL and NBA players and now spreading to the collegiate ranks.

Image resultTampa Bay Lightning forward JT Brown changed all that with one clenched fist salute during a Saturday road came with the Florida Panthers.

And predictably their overwhelmingly white NHL fan base lost their collective minds.   He has reportedly had death threats aimed at him .

For those of you with melanin free skin who consistently bellow politics has no place in sports, let me remind you that politics and sports have always been intertwined, with the Olympics being the most salient example of that.

And your anti-Black white sheets are showing.

Black athletes have never been able to just 'shut up and play' because the 'woke' nature of our athletes compels up to use their sporting platforms to speak truth to power about the issues of the day 

Bravo to JT Brown for doing so in the NHL, and basically doing it alone. Thanks also for getting the social justice conversation started in the league.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Why The Dove Commercial Was Racist

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There are some of you out there wondering what the fuss was concerning the Dove commercial ans why it was getting put on blast across the Net.

Time for a quick history lesson.

Blackface has been used to demean, denigrate and disrespect Black people for over a century.   And part of that anti-Blackness campaign was using that imagery in advertising campaigns .

And when those derogatory images were used in the soap commercials of the late 19th and early 20th century, they usually showed the product turning a dark skinned person white. 

That's why the Dove commercial  was offensive despite the message they were trying to send.   If they had not gone to the white woman after the Black woman  in the commercial, they probably would have dodged the uncomfortable 21st century version of the old racist 'wash the Black off you' soap commercials they ended up with.

Image result for racist dove soap commercial
It also speaks to who was in the room when they came up with the concept of this commercial.  There obviously either weren't any Black folks in the room, or ones familiar with this problematic racist history when they came up with the concept for it.

And because of the overwhelming whiteness of the advertising industry, I suspect that was the case, and there was  no culturally competent person in the room.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks-Week 5

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I can finally go from saying we might have a franchise quarterback to we DO have a franchise quarterback in Houston.

It only took him three weeks, but Deshaun Watson has probably cemented his position as the starter for the Texans after tying an NFL rookie quarterback record with 5 TD's (4 passing, 1 rushing) in their 57-14 rout of the Tennessee Titans Traitors.   The 57 points scored was also a Texans franchise record. easily eclipsing the previous record of 42 points, also set against the Tennessee Traitors in a 42-14 rout in 2014.

Watson's record tying performance also earned him AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

Another tough test for Deshaun and the Texans comes in a Sunday Night Football tilt against the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs at NRG Stadium.

As for the prognostication contest with Mr. Watts,  Week 4 saw us tie with identical 10-6 records that helped me maintain my two game lead on him.  I correctly picked the Texans game, he got the Giants-Buccaneers game right

Now it's time to get to the Week 5 NFL contests.    We have four teams, the Falcons, Broncos, Saints and Washington on their bye week, so only 14 games to pick.   As usual, team I'm selecting to win is in bold print, with the home team in CAPS.    Mike's Week 5 Picks are here.

Week 4 Results                                                                               2017 NFL Season
TransGriot   10-6                                                                            TransGriot  41-22
Mike            10-6                                                                             Mike          39-24

Thursday Night Game
Patriots over BUCCANEERS

Sunday Early Games
COLTS over 49ers
Jets over BROWNS
STEELERS over Jaguars
GIANTS over Chargers
LIONS over Panthers
Bills over BENGALS
DOLPHINS over Titans
EAGLES over Cardinals

Sunday Afternoon Games
RAIDERS over Ravens
Seahawks over RAMS
Packers over COWBOYS

Sunday Night Game
Chiefs over TEXANS

Monday Night Game
Vikings over BEARS

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Homophobic Presentation Happening In Philly Saturday

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This kind of crap is why Dan Savage's 'Blacks are more homophobic' lie is hard for us to kill.

This Saturday some clueless kneegrow is going to step into the Universal Audenried Charter High School venue in a city he can't spell and give a homophobic lecture that does nothing but spread unnecessary animus in our community.

And this why I have a major problem with many of the peeps in the Nation of Islam.  They are far too busy peddling anti-TBLGQ nonsense that does nothing to unify our community.

Too bad I won't be in the Philadelphia area to relentlessly mock and snatch wigs in that event., so I'm going to throw my shade from long distance.

If you wish to mock and protest the dissemination of anti-TBLGQ propaganda in person Philly TBLGQ fam, the school is located at 3301 Tasker St/, PHILADELPHIA, PA, 19145 .

Image may contain: 1 person, standingWho is this kneegrow 'Dr' Wesley Muhammad?  He's definitely trying to pump up the fact you can't watch this hot mess of a lecture on YouTube or Facebook. 

And I presume he got his 'doctorate' from the same place Umar Johnson acquired his.

I wouldn't be surprised if our old friend James David Manning didn't ride the train down from NYC to join them  Does he still have his Harlem hate church?

And how exactly do you 'make a homosexual'?  Do you lock them up in a room and force them to sing show tunes for hours?  Watch RuPaul's Drag Race on an endless loop?  Do reverse  reparative therapy?   

Tell me, because my inquiring mind wants to know. 

Wesley, one thing I'm quite aware of in my 55 years and counting of life on Planet Earth and my 37 years observing and being around the TBLGQ community that homosexuals are born, not manufactured.

And since you were whining about 'feminization of the male baby', let me school your ignorant azz about basic biology.   All human life at conception is FEMALE.   A little less testosterone in vitro and you would have come out of mommy's womb in a female body answering to a feminine name

It has also been an observation of mine that those who doth protesteth too loudly and are virulently anti- gay, especially when they are standing in a pulpit or behind a lectern screeching their anti-TBLGQ hate speech are usually the ones involved in or desiring same gender loving relationships. 

But as we know, homohaters gotta hate.

Blaina and Antoine, what's your review of this upcoming gaybaiting fest?

Image result for philadelphia love park
Here's hoping the Philadelphia TBLGQ community will give you the welcome you so richly deserve, especially since you mispelled the name of the city on your poster..

TransGriot Update:   In the wake of my post, I understand from my Philly fam that Muhammad's invite to speak has been rescinded.    He's taking his hate speech down I-95 to the Muhammad Mosque #35 in Wilmington, DE 


Gwen Araujo Murder 15th Anniversary

Related image
Today is sadly the 15th anniversary of the day that trans teen Gwen Araujo was murdered in Newark, California by four men, Jason Cazares, Jose Merel, Michael Magidson and Jaron Nabors in the wake of them discovering after she was trans feminine at a party.

The perpetrators then drove four hours to an area in the Sierra Nevada foothills from the East Bay to bury the body, .and said nothing about the crime committed at the party. 

Nabors, after becoming distraught about his role in Araujo's death, confessed to authorities in exchange for his guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter, his testimony against the other three defendants and leading Alameda County Sheriff's Department investigators to the burial site.

It took two trials to convict Merel, Magidson and Cazares, and in the second trial the odious trans panic defense was invoked by Magidson's attorney.

Image result for Gwen Araujo murder
Magidson and Merel were both convicted of second degree murder without the hate crime enhancements and sentenced to 15 year to life in prison.   Two juries deadlocked on Jason Cazares fate, and mistrials were declared.   In a plea deal with the DA, Cazares pleaded no contest to manslaughter and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Image result
In the wake of the trial, the Gwen Araujo Justice For Victims Act was passed and signed into law on September 28, 2006 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that limited the use of the trans and gay panic defense.

On September 27, 2014, Gov Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2501 into law that banned the trans and gay panic defense outright.

Image result for Gwen Araujo murder
Gwen's story was made into the 2006 Lifetime movie A Girl Like Me :The Gwen Araujo Story, talked about in a 2007 documentary entitled Trained In The Ways Of Men which aimed to debunk the trans panic defense, and on a May 2012 Investigation Discovery episode in the second season entitled 'Murder Among Friends'.

Related image
Her mother Sylvia Guerrero posthumously asked a judge legally change Gwen's deadname to Gwen Amber Rose Araujo on June 23, 2004.

Rest in Power and peace Gwen.   Your death wasn't in vain.   Changes were made in california law because it it, and you are still loved and remembered by the local community and all who adored you.

We continue to fight so than no one should die for simply daring to exist.

Ready For 'Riverdale' Season 2

Image result for riverdale season 2
On one of my self care nights I decided to turn off MSNBC and find something to watch on Netflix. 

Image result for Josie McCoy and Mayor riverdale
I'm a huge Archie comics fan as many of you longtime TransGriot readers are aware of, and since Season 1 of Riverdale the show had just been uploaded, decided to check it out.

Kind of grabs your attention when you see Archie making out with a way younger Miss Geraldine Grundy and it starts off with a murder mystery.

Needless to say I wasn't disappointed.  It was better than I imagined it would be, and I stayed up until 4 AM to binge watch the entire thirteen episode first season..

Related image
What got my attention was seeing some of the character changes that have been made from the traditional Archie Comics canon.  Veronica and her wealthy Lodge family are now Latinx, with Veronica being played by Camila Mendes and her mom Hermione by Marisol Nichols.

Image result for The Coopers riverdale
The Coopers are in the Riverdale house, with mom Alice played by Madchen Amick, Betty by Lill Rinehart, big sis Polly and her dad

Image result for Josie McCoy and Mayor riverdale
The Josie and the Pussycats band are all African American, with Veronica joining them later/  Their lead singer Josie McCoy is being played by Ashleigh Murray.  Her mother Serina McCoy is Riverdale's first African American mayor, played by Robin Givens.

Image result for Archie and Fred riverdale
Archie's dad Fred is now played by Luke Perry, and his mother by Molly Ringwald.  Cole Sprouse is all grown up and playing the burger loving reclusive Forsythe P. Jones III, AKA Jughead. 

This Riverdale is sexy, dark, well written and the Who Killed Jason Blossom murder mystery and its twists and turns kept me planted on the couch until I'd watched and rewatched it to catch what I'd missed.

I'll probably be tuned into Netflix one more time to watch Season 1 again before the new episodes kick off.

Related image
Season 2 of Riverdale starts October 11 on the CW and it picks up where it left off with Fred Andrews fighting or his life after being shot during a robbery at Pop's.  Mark Consuelos joins the cast  in Season 2 as Veronica's father Hiram Lodge, who spent the entire first season in jail but was still big balling, shot calling and making things happen while in prison. 

We'll find out just what Hiram jumped off from prison and how much he adjusts to free world life in season 2.   There are also rumors that Sabrina Spellman will make some appearances in Season 2, but we'll see.

We'll also find out what's going on with our fave ginger mean girl Cheryl Blossom and how much the events of season one affected her.

Image result for Cheryl Blossom riverdale

What events you ask?  Oh, her dad murdering her twin brother, losing the captaincy of the River Vixens to Veronica, torching Thorn Hill and nearly drowning in a suicide attempt.

If I were Polly, I would want Aunt Cheryl anywhere near my soon to be born child.

Image result for Jughead and betty  riverdaleWill Jughead and Betty's relationship survive the upcoming drama between to north and south sides of Riverdale?   What' will transpire in Archie and Veronica's in season two?   .

And even better, when Season 2 kicks off, we'll get 22 episodes to watch instead of just the mere 13 we got to see during Season 1   

After the episodes are broadcast on the CW on Wednesday nights, you'll be able to watch what you missed on Netflix that Friday

And I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary To The Obamas!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
Today is the day back in 1993 that the skinny kid from Hawaii with the funny name got married to a brilliant statuesque sister from the South Side of Chicago.

Image result for Obama wedding day
25 years ago on October 3, 1992 Barack Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson got married at Trinity Church of Christ in front of 200 guests.   They had two lovely and amazing daughters in now 19 year old Malia and 16 year old Sasha, and as y'all know, in 2008 he became the 44th president of the United States and she became our first African American First Lady.

I wish they were STILL living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. but that's a ranting post for another day.

Image result for Obama wedding day
Happy 25th Anniversary Mr. President and Madame First Lady! 

Over the eight years you were living in that nice house in Washington DC our ancestors built with their unpaid labor, you became the shining examples of enduring Black love and our relationship role models.

And damn, y'all still look good together.

It's Major League Baseball Playoff Time!

Image result for Astro clinch division 2017
It's October, and my hometown major league baseball squad is coming off a franchise second best 101-61 win season, their first ever AL West title and first division crown for the team since 2001 thanks to the ginormous 38-16 start out of the gate in April and May.

They clinched the 2017 AL West on September 17 with a 7-1 beatdown of the Seattle Mariners at Minute Maid and won the division by 22 games over the Los Angeles Angels.

Even more satisfying to Astros fans, in addition to our first AL West division title, and the first 100 win season since the 1998 team won 102 games. we won the season series with the Texas Rangers 12-7/

Image result for houston astros jose altuve
Now that they're playing baseball in October for the first time since 2015, the number two seeded Astros await the start of the Division Series round of the playoffs on Thursday. 

They'll kick things off in the ALDS at Minute Maid Park against the AL East champion Boston Red Sox determined to make it to the ALCS and hopefully the team's second ever World Series berth.

The AL Central champion Cleveland Indians, thanks to a monster 22 game win streak from August 24-September 14  edged the Astros out for the AL's best record by one game.  They will be trying to forget their heartbreaking loss in last year's World Series Game 7 to the Cubs as they chill out at Progressive Field and await the winner of today's AL Wild Card Game at Yankee Stadium between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees. 

Winners of their respective five game ALDS series move on to the seven game AL Championship series scheduled to start on October 13 in the home ballpark of the team with the best record.

Related imageIn the National League the Los Angeles Dodgers are the top seed with a MLB league best 103 wins, but are not a consensus pick in some pundits minds to make it to the World Series. 

The Dodgers were playing at a torrid 56-11 pace from June 7 to August 25, but then dropped off the cliff and went 1-16 the rest of the season.

Even with that late season swoon, they still won the NL West  by 11 games over the Diamondbacks and will host at Dodger Stadium on Friday the winner of the National League Wild Card Game at Chase Field between their NL West Division rivals the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks,

The second seeded NL East champion Washington Nationals rolled to an 97-65 record, but were the only team that posted a winning record in the NL East.  The second place team in their division, the Miami Marlins, finished 77-86, 20 games behind the Nats. 

Image result for Chicago Cubs 2017 NL Central champsThe folks in DC don't care, because they will be at Nationals Park watching their local baseballers battle the defending NL champion Chicago Cubs in their NLDS series that kicks off on October 6 at

It's a miracle the Cubs are even playing in October since they were 43-45 at the All Star break.  After some major roster changes, they rebounded to a 49-25 record in the second half of the season to capture the NL Central Division

But then again, it's not how you start, it about getting hot at the right time, and now is the time.

Winners of their respective NLDS series will battle each other starting on October 14 in the National League Championship Series at the ball park of the remaining teams with the best record.

The World Series is scheduled to start on October 24 at the home of the AL or NL team with the best record.

And yes, I'm hoping at the end of the month that's the Astros.